About WManager.COM


WManager.COM is owned and operated by JAMAIN SOCIAL AND SERVICES SRL, the italian company that created WManager platform from 2012 and 2017 and had the bizarre idea to make it open source by the ending of 2017 (read the full story here).

Everyday we have the privilege to sit at our desks and work for the diffusion of WMAnager project, for the benefit of final users, business consultants, system integrators and developers. We don't act "against" other products. We just think that WMAnager is good because it did a great job for us (when it was a closed project) and it can make a great job for you guys too.

By buying services from WManager.COM not only you can get the most valuable support to speed up or sort-out your projects issues, but also you help WManager.ORG project live and grow.

Thank you for that.
Gianluca Pelliccioli