You can find here professional services
brought to you by the WManager.org maintainers team.

What we do

We have created a list of professional services that can help the players of WManager ecosystem to approach with required comfort their new WManager projects.
Funds collected via WManager.COM will help maintainers to keep fresh, reliable and trustworthy WManager software and WManager.ORG platform.  

We don't do.

Surprisingly enough we DO NOT normally take part to customer's WManager delivery projects. There are companies out there with the right skill to become the right business consultant, system integrator or developer for your next WManager project.
If you can't find any feel free to contact us for advice.



Check out our consultancy services for customers and partner working in WManager projects, at any stage of development:

  • Feasibility;
  • Kickoff;
  • Live.


Join the specific training services that can be handled remotelly or at your offices to gain the best from WManager.
In particular we offer:

  • Trainig for administrators;
  • Training for developers.

Cloud hosting

Don't bother to think about the hardware. Check out our fully managed WManager cloud services.

Affiliate programs

Support WManager with your membership. By gaining privileged visibility on WManager.ORG and dedicated support from the mainteiners team you will help WManager.ORG project to live and grow.